Our Expertise

Digital Branding

Our digital branding team ensures an impressive web, mobile and social presence- and monetizes it right. We’re experts in video marketing, for both mobile & web. We provide our partners with special digital units, giving them a distinctive & disruptive appearance. Our advertisers and brands get to valuable customers, always in an optimized & monetized way. We don’t believe in “branding only” campaigns. We believe in PERFORMANCE BRANDING.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are a strong brand with good reputation we’d love to become an affiliate of yours and to take the marketing risk on us – contact us today and let’s start working together!

Digital Social engagement

We drive meaningful social engagement, staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the digital social sphere. We work hard for our partners so that they can benefit from this exciting world.

We know how to use social to leverage our partners’ assets, to monetize, and to generate the best results and highest revenues. Whether it’s mass, niche, or viral; video, blogs or technical, we know how to manage and optimize social.

Our Business Units

Apply media

Multi channel RTB ad network for mobile and web

Apply App distribution

Full scale app distribution network


Branded keyboard for Android and iOS with over 30 million downloads

Apply social

Performance-based social campaign management


Digital monetization for mobile and web brands


Premium video distribution – www.totalik.com

Some of our Partners

About us

Apply is Digital performance marketing company. We create unique digital campaigns and develop innovative platforms, distribution methods and monetization tools for brands in the Mobile and Digital world. Our patent pending technology, as well as cooperation with world-leading publishers and tech companies, gives us the freedom to create innovative break-through digital campaigns for our partners. Performance: we set ourselves a mission – to give the best digital marketing results and revenue streams to our partners, both brands and publishers – and we always take any risk upon ourselves, that's how confident we are in our success.

Investor Relations

Apply has been a listed, public company on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: APLY) since 2013. The company was established by forward-looking entrepreneurs with solid track records of success.

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